Pawrific Petcare LLC

About Us
Pawrific Petcare LLC is a trustworthy and reliable petcare service provider. Our services include: dog walking, pet sitting, P/U and D/O service to the vet or groomer, nail trims, overnight care, behavioral modification/ training and medication administration. We are versed in several different techniques and training tools to make sure we are equiped to deal with any temperament or breed.

Our mission: Professional sitters that make your pets feel at home even when you're not. We pride ourselves on making sure your Fur Babies are physically and mentally healthy and happy. When you join the Pawrific Family your fur babies become our fur babies and we treat them as such. :) 

To make your experience with Pawrific Petcare LLC enjoyable for both fur babies and their parents we use a client portal where you can request services, keep all of your info updated, add emergency contacts and vet info and even pics of your fur babies with their info. Being registered with our client portal allows us to send you email updates for walks, overnight care or regular home visits and to recieve invoicing and payment options.
Meet The Team
Jennifer Kennington
I have loved being around, caring for and learning about animals since I was a young child. It has always been my passion to work with animals. My first year in college I got my first dog. She was a Pitbull and I named her Ruby. We had such a connection and she was a very intelligent and loving best friend. She was my first training success and I have been improving on my skills ever since. While away, she was being taken care of by a family member when she was hit by a car due to their negligence. She didnt survive. She was 5yrs old. From then on I wanted to make sure that no one had to worry about if their pets would be safe or well taken care of while away. So I started Pawrific Petcare LLC to give peace of mind to traveling pet parents. I also wanted to make sure that my clients got compliments on how well behaved their dogs are just as I got for Ruby. I love what I do and not a day of it feels like work!

Owner and Founder
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." — Anatole France
     As a pet owner of a wonderful ten year old pitbull, I can strongly say that my love for animals started since I can remember, it's been a passion of mine since a young age. I studied animal care and management at bronx community college and worked at Riverdale veterinary group. I've been blessed with the opportunity to work at pawrific petcare for about a year. It's been an awesome experience, it has taught me the importance on having the right calm assertive energy which is crucial in being a pack leader as well as being knowledgable in dog psychology and how they interact within the pack. Experience has taught me a lot but I'm still humble in wanting and yearning to learn more. Having the chance to be a part of a team that shares the same mindset has been a dream come true. All and all the goal is to care for our four legged friends. One thing they taught me was unconditonal love, something even us humans struggle with.


Steve Guerrero
Dog walker and sitter
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." — Anatole France